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Bidding farewell to my Crossfit box and nailing my last WOD

Bidding farewell to my Crossfit box and nailing my last WOD

Despite it being a full 45 days until we leave I had to say my first set of goodbyes yesterday. It was sad! I found myself saying goodbye to crossfit.

After 3 years at my crossfit box WOF, I did my very last WOD yesterday with some of my favourite athletes. (They are actually athletes, I was just the heavy set chick who could move some heavyish stuff around and run slowly). I’ve been watching them do the open and they’re incredible!

The final WOD

For my last ever WOD we did a tech session and worked exclusively on our clean and jerk (one of my favs…). I hit a max at 55kgs and failed an attempt at 60kgs. It felt so good getting that weight above my head! About a year ago I damaged my knee and have had a slow road to recovery. Lucky for me it seems in good shape now and I feel good about all the walking we’ll be doing on this trip.

I didnt make a big deal on leaving but did go ahead and posted my last little goodbye speech in the facebook group. By the time we leave Wellington I’ll be out of the members area, but that OK. Ive picked up a fair few friends on the way and hopefully they’re all reading this (hi team!!).

So, one goodbye down, a few more to go.

How sad would you be to leave your gym? Tell me in the comments!

in February 17, 2017