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Revisiting the places we love
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Revisiting the places we love

You know those people who judge other people for ‘not seeing the world’, because they keep going back to the same three or four places? That used to be me.

I’ll admit right now that I was wrong. This trip has been a good lesson about why people do that. It has opened my eyes to revisiting everywhere I’ve visited before!

Its been a real pleasure returning and revisiting to some of our favorite cities from previous trips. We’ve seen friends and family who live abroad, enjoyed the places we’ve loved before and checked out the places we didn’t get to see last time. Win, win, win!

Why go back to places you’ve already been?

The skeptic in me has learned that going back gives you the chance to really experience a place! We’ve seen things we hadn’t thought to check out, enjoyed the free things on offer and if I’m honest, had a few well-earned sleep ins and evenings in front of the television since we’re not rushing around trying to tick off a top-10 list…

This time we left behind the lists and got down and dirty with the real life fun. We stayed further out of town so we got to enjoy the long commutes into the city. We shopped at the local supermarket, we drank at the local pubs, we walked for fun and exercise, not becuase it was the fastest way to get from atrraction A to attraction B. We enjoyed the lack of pressure to go see all the tourist attractions because we had already seen them. We were able to relax, to take our time and to enjoy the different vibe that each city offers. We got to experience the people and the place, not just a bunch of tourist hot spots. Quite frankly, it was bliss!

Visiting the east coast of the USA

The main motivation for our last trip to the US was to visit (and shop up a storm in) New York City. We were almost as excited to come back to it again a second time, even without the shopping budget. New York City, all five boroughs of it, has so much to offer that even a whole year staying here we couldn’t see everything.

On this trip, we’ve also had a chance to revisit Philadelphia and spend some quality time with family. The last time we were here it was a truly fleeting visit, so it was nice to spend a bit more time enjoying the sights, sounds, and flavours – you can’t go to Philly and not have a cheesesteak, after all!

Crossing the Atlantic to the UK

It has been a whole five years since we last visited the UK! We couldn’t resist the chance to catch up with family and friends in London and Edinburgh while on this journey. We even spent a bit of time here scoping out flats, jobs and bus routes, just in case we want to make use of our British citizenship and work before returning to NZ. Here’s hoping!

Tell us about it….

Where would you go back to, if you had the chance?


in August 20, 2017