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Review: Roadhouse hostel, Prague.

Our recent visit to Prague sadly signaled the end of our time in Europe. Over the past 8 weeks, we had managed our wallets well and ended up with some money left in the bank account. So, it was an easy call to treat ourselves to a few nights somewhere flash.

I’ve talked many a time about my love for Airbnb but sometimes it’s nice to stay in a hostel and meet with other like-minded people who can share your travel experiences. So we did some searching and found our ideal hostel.

The Roadhouse opened in Summer 2017, and quickly acquired excellent reviews. So much so that we thought it might be a scam. We were intrigued by the sound of a social hostel that wasn’t focused exclusively on all night partying, went ahead and jumped at the chance to visit.

I won’t lie. We had high expectations but every single one was not just met but totally exceeded.

Here is a rundown of the stuff we loved:

The team.

There is something to be said about having an international and eclectic group of people running a hostel and these guys nailed it. The team is a well-traveled bunch who have stayed in many a hostel before. In fact, everyone at The Roadhouse has also worked at least a couple shifts at their sister hostel, The Madhouse.  The team knows what works when it comes to hostels, and welcome feedback. They come from all over the world and pretty much love Prague. With all that in mind you know you can trust their ideas and advice. There is even someone on hand 24/7, so you can always find someone to help you out.

The agenda.

Every day there is a little list of stuff that is going on in Prague, and a few things that the hostel staff are keen to get involved in. We joined the crew in a visit to a food festival one day and headed to an ice hockey game the next. There was also an almost daily invite out in the evenings for drinks. You can get as involved as you like, or head out and do your own thing, but make sure you come home for family dinner, a home-cooked meal prepared by the staff and shared by everyone who wants to get involved every night of the week.

The hostel.

Located a tiny 2-minute walk from Charles Bridge, and on the second floor of a lovely apartment building, the hostel is more like a friend’s swanky apartment. With only 18 beds, across two dorms, there are 3 new bathrooms, a fully equipped kitchen, a balcony and a lovely modern dining and lounge area. The beds are cozy, and each guest gets a huge storage drawer, so the rooms stay clean. From my perspective, the best it was the thick curtains available on each bed, to help give privacy and let me sleep in.

The other guests.

A hostel like this attracts a certain kind of client and we were both surprised and delighted to meet our fellow travelers. Smart, funny, social and interesting we enjoyed their company and have made new friends to travel with, follow and watch over the coming years.

The little extras.

On top of everything above, we couldn’t help notice some of the little extras. The Netflix account, the boardgames, the cheap beer…. it’s the little things that make The Roadhouse so cozy and homely. It’s like spending time at a friend’s super cool apartment and we can’t wait to visit again soon.


in October 20, 2017