Welly to the world

Two digital professionals quit their 9-5 day jobs in the coolest little capital to go on an adventure. We've bucked the trends, managed to buy a house, save some money and now we're jobless and about to see where the world takes us.

Previous travels

Andrew and Sarah are lucky enough to be first generation Kiwis. Both of us have parents who were born overseas and this has helped prompt us to travel, even from a young age.

In fact, at 18 months old Sarah took her first trip to the USA to see her Grandmother and Great Grandmother in Philadelphia. At the same age Andrew was visiting Edinburgh to meet not just one but two of his Great Grandmothers.

Since then Andrew traveled mostly for the enjoyment of sport or music while Sarah took ff on her OE at 19 and worked in the UK for a year and did the traditional travel that so many Kiwis do.

As a couple Andrew and Sarah have visited Australia together twice. They were both delighted to hear they had won a trip to Paris in 2012 and made the most of the airfares to also spend some time in the UK during that trip. Most recently, before their current adventure they took a 3 week trip to the East coast of the USA, spending time in New York City, Philadelphia, Boston and Washington DC.

During 2017 they have spent time in:

  • India,
  • Nepal,
  • Thailand,
  • Laos,
  • Vietnam,
  • Cambodia,
  • USA,
  • UK,
  • Poland,
  • Austria,
  • Slovenia,
  • Croatia….