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What we’re packing – our six favourite items in our packs
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What we’re packing – our six favourite items in our packs

Traveling for a year on 70 litres (including carry-on) can making packing challenging. Knowing what to pack depends heavily on when and where you’re going. Later on we’ll give a breakdown on what we decided to take with us but in the meantime, here are our six favourite items.


These versatile shoes are made from high-quality Merino – that’s right, wool! Why do we love them? They’re so soft and comfortable, the makers (and us!) actually recommend you wear them without socks. Because they’re made from Merino, any moisture dries away really quickly, so smells are kept to a minimum.

They’re soft and really flexible, so they stuff into the bottom of our backpacks pretty easily and then come back to shape every time. They’re also machine washable, which is handy when walking around dusty roads in India.

Allbirds look a bit more fashionable than your average sneaker, so a quite good to have when eating out somewhere a bit nicer – especially when you don’t have room for dress shoes, they’re a step up from trainers or jandals!

To boot, they’re founded by a Kiwi, former professional footballer Tim Brown. Andrew was actually lucky enough to have dinner with Tim Brown through a charity auction towards the end of his playing career and Tim mentioned merino shoes was something he’d been thinking of for a while – so it’s really neat to see them being such a success.

Blunt Travel Umbrella

But you’ve been complaining about the heat? We knew we would encounter some rain eventually, so we carry a travel umbrella each.

The benefit of these in India has been for the days where we’re out visiting monuments, gardens and outdoor temples, the Blunt umbrella helps to take the sun off your back and makes the heat a little more tolerable.

It also has Blunt’s classic “blunt edges” and innovative design to help prevent it turning inside out in the wind. The blunt edges make them look pretty cool, and they’re available in a wide range of neat colours.

Again, Blunt is a Kiwi company and we’re loving taking them on the road with us.

Packing Cells

Sarah has already posted about why we love these things. Andrew was a long time skeptic but is now a convert.

Packing cells make it much easier to unpack and repack our bags in minutes. They also help keep track of where everything is. Andrew has a colour coded system, so he knows exactly which packing cell contains each item.

We picked ours up from Kathmandu because we got some vouchers for Christmas, but the concept of them holds across brands. Andrew swears he’ll never travel without packing cells again.

Medical Kit

We’ll break it down in more detail in a later post, but four weeks in, our medical kit is already getting a good work out.

We’ve made use of soothing antibacterial cream for some mossie bites that we picked up, Sarah has treated a brief tummy bug, and cleaned up a cut picked up in a small slip.

Our medical kit got quite a bit of thought before we went away, so far we think we’ve got it about right and definitely not something to leave home without.

Sleep Sacks

We have a lightweight sleep sack each – think a sleeping bag, but made from a summer bed sheet.

Buses, trains, hotels and hostels all have varying levels and quality of bedding. Our sleep sacks have come in handy already on our bus ride from Mumbai to Goa, where the blanket provided was a bit on the heavy side for the temperatures we’ve experienced.

You can pick these up at most camping stores, with ranges of weight, qaulity and material. We went ultra cheap and grabbed ours of Ali Express and they’ve been good value to date.

Lush Toothy Tabs

There’s nothing fun about opening up your toilet bag to find the toothpaste has popped open on the journey. Toothy Tabs are light weight and solve that problem. Because they’re not liquid, they can easily fit into your carry-on for those long haul flights.

You chew them like a mint, and then start brushing your teeth as normal. They foam up in your mouth and do a great job of cleaning your teeth.

They come in handy little bottles, so you can just grab one out each morning to give you fresh breath and a sparkly smile.

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