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Our stay at the Sunny Cow Villa – Anjuna Beach
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Our stay at the Sunny Cow Villa – Anjuna Beach

Once we knew when we were heading to Goa, I hit the search on Airbnb and started tracking down some accommodation. Eventually we decided on a Big room in Village Villa in Anjuna.

We’re big fans of Airbnb. We’ve only had one sub-par experience in our travels, and that was probably everything else raising our expectations. In hindsight, the apartment in Philadelphia was exactly what the add said, and was a good price. It just wasn’t great, which was not the case at the Sunny Cow.

We arrived earlier than expected, due to our bus making good time. The check-in time listed on the add, suggested we’d need to wait to the afternoon. We spent some time locating the Villa, and contacted the host. We dealt with Yulia on Airbnb, but from there we were hosted by Francis and Lucy who manage the property on site.

We were impressed when we arrived, from the Villa looked exactly like the quiet space we were looking for. After the hustle and bustle of Mumbai, we were ready for some down time. Francis and Lucy had our room made up while we sat in the cozy common space, away out of the heat of the sun.

Once settled in, we decided we needed a shower after 12 hours on a bus. Never in my life have I enjoyed having a cold shower, but Goa is hot and humid, so I ran just the cold tap and it was bliss! The bathroom was spacious an complimented the feel of the room nicely.

There was no Air Conditioning, we’ve found on these Airbnb listings that its not a luxury afforded everywhere. Not having this though, is reflected in the price – we’re traveling for a year, so price is important. Anyway, being out of the sun, and sitting under a fan, with the evening drop in temperature, things were comfortable enough to sleep.

We were pleasantly surprised to find breakfast was included in the price. There was a choice of omelet, cornflakes or pancakes. We opted for pancakes and Lucy’s cooking did not disappoint. In India, they have their own take on morning coffee. From what I can gather, it’s heated milk and Nescafe – for a coffee snob from Wellington, it was actually quite good. A cup of coffee complimented the pancakes perfectly.

The Villa had a beautiful garden, a great spot for sitting outside and blogging which we took full advantage of. The staff were on hand all day, if we needed any help.

After a week living out of backpacks, we were in need of doing some laundry. Francis said he was happy to arrange for it to be done, we just needed to provide the washing powder. We made a stop at the local supermarket the next time we were out, and by the next morning, Lucy had our laundry washed and dried.

The Sunny Cow Villa provided exactly what we were looking for. It was quiet, relaxing and the staff went out of their way to help whenever we needed. Its a short stroll to the beach, shops, bars and restaurants but far enough away that you’re away from all the activity.

If you’re heading to Goa, we can recommend Anjuna Beach and we definitely recommend a stay at the Sunny Cow.


in April 18, 2017