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New York 2.0 Our second trip, but probably not our last
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New York 2.0 Our second trip, but probably not our last

Ahh, New York. I want to be a part of it. Start spreading the news. I was walking over ‘ere…yadda yadda.

This little visit to the Big Apple wasn’t our first and probably won’t be our last. We’ve had great luck finding places to stay (even though Airbnb is a little controversial)  and there is always so much to see and do, eat, watch, and enjoy. I could probably spend a year in New York and still not run out of entertainment. I’d run out of money, sure, but not entertainment.

So here is a quick rundown of the fun stuff we did during our cheapest 3 days in the city that never sleeps, that you can try too.

Visit the Natural History Museum during the last hour of the day.

So, it doesn’t give you long to look around, sure, but it lets you get a peek at some of their cool collection of stuff. We pretty much just rocked in and walked right through and no-one batted an eye and you could probably do the same….

Forget ordering a meal – share a slice of pizza pie, a wedge of cheesecake and a bag o’ bagels.

So I pretty much can’t write a blog post without talking about food. New York has some of the best ‘must try’ foods and even though we tried them all last time, we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to try them again. The best thing is that all the portions in the USA are huge, so we just grabbed one of everything and shared. Don’t forget you can get cheap filter coffee by the gallon too – that’ll keep you warm, regular and full of pep!

Walk, run, jog, slide, or generally meander through Central Park…

You’ll find loads of places to sit, stand, lounge or wander. There is always something to see, you’ll find lots of dogs that you can pet and there is usually at least one busker singing Beatles tracks at the John Lennon memorial, Strawberry Fields.

…Then do it all again over the Brooklyn bridge…

Fewer places to hang out, more avoiding other walkers and bike riders, but a cool view all the same! Check out Ellis Island, where Lady Liberty lives, and take lots of cool bridge pictures. On the Manhatten side, you’ll find lots of coffee shops and places to chill out and relax afterward.

…And once more for luck on the High Line.

Funky art, beautiful gardens, fresh ice cream and a wine bar called Reisling, which is both an awesome name and my favorite kind of wine (just in case anyone wants to buy me any….?). The Highline is a really peaceful walk in the middle of the big city.

Score a free trip to Staten Island on the Ferry.

It is a free commuter ferry that takes you right past the Statue of Liberty. Either get off and explore the island or get off and get on the next boat back to Manhatten. Easy! Pro tip: Go at sunset.


Then go sit at Grand Central Station and people watch.

Becuase its busy, the people to watch as plentiful. Also, it’s a beautiful building and you’ve seen it in at least one movie, now go see it in real life.

Check out the library.

Sounds a little nerdy, but it’s not only a beautiful building, it is also the home of Winnie the Pooh and some of his friends. If you’re short on time you’ll find them downstairs in the children’s section. If you have a little more time to spare take one of the free daily tours and check out all the beauty.

Sports, sports, sports.

Between the Ice Hockey, Baseball, Basketball, Football, Foozeball…. there is a load of sport played in New York. Pro tip – wait for the first few pitches of a baseball game then buy your ticket.It’s cheaper! Otherwise, purchase a standing room ticket and find a spot to stand and enjoy. If you do this, then you get to enjoy the leadup to the game including standing and singing the national anthem.

That’s all, folks!

If you’re on less of a budget, don’t forget you can pick up last minute tickets on Broadway for a whole variety of shows. Just don’t tell me what you saw because no matter what it was I’ll be jealous.



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