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Mondayitis – its a thing!

Mondayitis – its a thing!

Even though I love my job, like so many other people I sometimes suffer Mondayitis. Knowing that we only have a few more Mondays at work is both a blessing and a curse. It makes me feel good knowing that we’re going away, but it makes me feel bad gloating about it!

I don’t feel that bad…

We’ve only got 5 Mondays left at work. 5 more 530am starts, 5 more diary checks and weekly plans, 5 more Monday morning coffees and meetings, 5 more Monday morning commuter trains…..

The Monday after that though, on Monday number 6, we’ll be nursing ourselves back from a hangover due to the wedding we’re going to that weekend.

April 3rd

Then, the following Monday (by which point its already April and 2017 is basically over) we will have finished packing our bags and will be boarding a plane to India! My stomach still erupts into butterflies every time I think about it.

How many Mondays until your next holiday?

in February 12, 2017