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7 things we did (and 7 we wish we did) during our last 7 days in the country
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7 things we did (and 7 we wish we did) during our last 7 days in the country

Google the term “What to do before leaving for overseas” and you’ll get a casual 93 million hits with lists that will boggle your mind and make you question why you ever signed up to go on holiday.

Below are the top seven things we did in our last seven days, and further down the page, the seven things we didn’t do, but probably should have. Take what you will and don’t make the same mistakes we did!

7 things we totally did

  1. Nailed our life adminWe did everything from paying our upcoming bills (everything from Spotfiy to our cellphone packages, our credit card to our life insurance), letting our banks know where we were going, purchasing foreign cash, getting copies of all our documents (wedding certificate, passports, insurance etc).I also remembered to visit the IRD. I applied for (and was granted) a student loan repayment holiday – that was one thing I’d been putting off for months but it was so easy.
  2. Washed everythingClothes we are taking away, clothes we are packing to leave here, clothes we are donating. It was a full on week of laundry, and not even that! The car went up for sale, so it needed to be washed, the dishwasher went AWOL, so the dishes needed washed too!
  3. Sorted the personal hygiene stuffWe got our hair cut as short as we could handle, I had my brows threaded (after not, for a number of months. Ow!), legs and armpits were waxed, nails were clipped and painted (at least mine were, not Andrews) new toothbrushes were purchased as were the always handy wet wipes.
  4. Completed the selling of all the things (well almost)The purging of things we don’t have room to store, and won’t be taking with us continued however we didnt manage to sell our car! If you know someone who is after a nice Toyota Camry, get in touch (see what I did there??).
  5. Ate, drank and were merryWe spent the last 7 days (and many days before that) catching up with friends and family for meals and drinks, including attending a wedding, and generally got our fill of love and insight from the people we know. The number one piece of advice which makes me cringe just thinking about it: “Stay safe!!”.
  6. Charged every electronic device we own and crammed them full of storageSorry about the huge power bill, in-laws! We made sure there was juice in the cameras, the kindle, the phones and the laptop. We also made sure we had additional memory slotted in everywhere we could – we don’t wanna run out of memory in front of the Taj Mahal!
  7. Packed, unpacked, repacked.It was never going to be easy getting a years worth of things into a 70L pack with a 15L day pack alongside, but we tried and failed, and reconsidered and tried and succeeded. It’ll be OK that I only have 3 pairs of underwear, right? (I kid….I have 5).

So, those were the things we did that were really smart and we encourage you to do them next time you go anywhere, even if its not overseas…. Here is the stuff we probably should have done but didn’t…

7 things we didn’t manage to achieve

  1. Saw more people

    Some of our people have lifestyles and schedules that just don’t fit very well with ours, or are located in places that aren’t where we are,  so we missed getting to see them and give them big ol’ hugs goodbye. We still love y’all though.

  2. Plan our first day

    We knew where we were landing, had a hotel transfer and room for the night, but beyond that we made 0 plans for our first day in Mumbai. The good news is we still had a blast. Updates on that soon!

  3. Get healthy

    Andrew and I were both hit with a cold in the last couple weeks and we probably should have given ourselves some more downtime to get over that before hopping on 3 big ol jet plans to visit the other side of the world (and the largest city in India).

  4. Get fit

    The road to hell is paved with good intentions, and after giving up the gym a month ago, I’ve been eating, drinking and sitting my way to unfitness. This is likely gonna make the next 6 weeks (if not longer) really hard.

  5. Source enough e-books, tv shows, spotify playlists and general entertainment

    We know between the flights, airport waits, buses, trains and general down time that we will need to entertainment to consume, but we ran pretty light and may need to top up sooner than anticipated.

  6. Download all the apps

    The internet is full of helpful stuff and there is many a list of helpful apps for the intrepid traveller. We have downloaded none of them and are probably missing out on lots of good hints and tips. Whoops! Andrew has since found this total gem called Rome to Rio which we will  be thrashing.

  7. Enjoyed our own space

    We’ve signed up for 52 (or more?) weeks of space sharing and we might have benefited from a little more alone time before the trip, but hey, we’ll be seeing plenty of one another, and being the extroverts that we are we will hopefully be OK.

So, there it is. 14 jam-packed tips for your next trip. Have we forgotten anything? Let us know on facebook!

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