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Two digital professionals quit their 9-5 day jobs in the coolest little capital to go on an adventure. We've bucked the trends, managed to buy a house, save some money and now we're jobless and about to see where the world takes us.

Why its ok to ask “Have we done the right thing?”

Why its ok to ask “Have we done the right thing?”

Its been a week now since Andrew and I finished up at work and we appear to be slipping into the unemployed lifestyle without too many problems. Over the weekend we took a mini-trip to Gisborne for a wedding (some people would say it was a normal sized trip, but in light of the 52 week trip we’re about to take, 4 days was pretty mini!). While on the road, cruising the pacific coast highway (well worth it, if you’re interested), we had a few hours of driving time and I raised my concerns about our life choices. Basically I asked “Have we done the right thing?”

Have we done the right thing?!

Hours of discussion later we concluded that we had, in fact, made the right choice to quit our jobs , rent out our house and travel the world. After spending an evening at a wedding talking about our plans to a whole new group of people who had never met us, their general consensus was that we had done things in the right order too; work, travel, babies (pending).

Asking the question.

Its OK to ask the question “Have we done the right thing?” when it comes to any choice you make but it’s important to remember that everyone has their own path and everyone is making their own choices to the best of their abilities. For every decision there is a whole raft of opportunity costs and as long as you’ve considered those, and you’re OK with the desired outcome, you’re good.

Don’t compare yourself to anyone else.

With a bunch of our friends recently letting us know they plan to get married or have found out their due to have babies in 2017 I’ve spent a bunch of time wondering if we should just work on getting pregnant now, instead of in 2018/2019 as planned. Its important not to compare our life and journey to anyone else, because hey, we’re all on our own paths.

Trust that it will work out.

This is Andrew’s #1 piece of advice to me when I get panicked about our choices. You made a plan,  now stick to it as best as possible – sometimes you have to be flexible as stuff may happen outside of your control ( and what plan ever goes 100% right anyway?) and enjoy the ride.  Everything will be okay.

Focus on the big picture

For us, that’s about experiencing new things, meeting new people and going to new places. If we don’t get to visit everywhere on our list, we have not failed or done the wrong thing, we’ve still met the big picture goals we just have more places to visit next time.

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in March 29, 2017