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Two digital professionals quit their 9-5 day jobs in the coolest little capital to go on an adventure. We've bucked the trends, managed to buy a house, save some money and now we're jobless and about to see where the world takes us.

Babies, birthdays and why we’re traveling now

Babies, birthdays and why we’re traveling now

Many a person has asked why we’re traveling now and we’ve asked ourselves too……

Picture this scene for me…

Andrew and I amass our general population of friends, family, colleagues and general acquaintances over the course of a number of weeks, months even,  and break the news to them; “We’re pretty much quitting our jobs and going travelling for a year!” we state. It’s all smiles and happiness. The news is out. Everyone is delighted.

Then comes the part of the conversation (because you know, two ways and all that) where they get to break their news.

“Well, thats excellent for you guys. Guess what, though, we’re having a baby!”,

“Well, that’s fabulous! We’re buying a dog!”,

“Well, I hope you both have a blast. We’ve just bought a new house!”,

“Good for you guys, will you be joining us for my 30th birthday bash?”.

It hits us. Everyone else is settling down as they exit their 20s and we’re about to seriously uproot!

Scene over. Panic setting in.

So why are we doing it?

At 29, with a mortgage, a couple jobs, and one semi-dependent fur-baby, we are starting to stick out amongst our friends who have settled down at 30 and had some kids. Its been hard work getting here, but we reckon traveling now is the perfect time for us for the following reasons:

  • We don’t have kids yet, but we want to experience the world, so we can share it with them when we do,
  • We love our own house, our own bed and our own car, but not enough that we don’t want to enjoy other houses, beds and cars elsewhere,
  • We spent a couple years paying down the mortgage on the house at an alarming rate and now we can enjoy some of that equity that has got us,
  • The rental market in Wellington is favourable for landlords right now (yeah, we totally planned that bit…), and
  • We want to celebrate turning 30 in style!

Taking the time to become homeowners, get married and set our careers on the right path has given us the time to evaluate where we want to go and what we want to see and experience. It also means that while we’ll still be on a budget, we should have enough cash in the bank to ensure we can have at least 1 square meal every day.

Here’s hoping that means we can experience all the world has to offer and come home to New Zealand ready to settle down just like our buddies.

What did you do, or what will you do, to celebrate your 30th birthday?

in March 8, 2017