Welly to the world

Two digital professionals quit their 9-5 day jobs in the coolest little capital to go on an adventure. We've bucked the trends, managed to buy a house, save some money and now we're jobless and about to see where the world takes us.


So, I guess there’s two parts to this – my professional background, and my story outside of work.

The easy part – I’m 29, the first Kiwi born in my family so manage to travel with two passports. My parents moved to New Zealand, with their parents in the mid 70s and met each other in Wellington -where I’ve lived all my life. I met the lovely Sarah in 2008, we’ve been living together for seven years and married for three and a bit.

I’m passionate about sport, and spend my winter weekend’s refereeing football on the Central League, which takes me anywhere from Napier to Miramar. Refereeing is a tough hobby, but it keeps me fit and provides a tough mental challenge, while testing my physical limits.

When I’m not at work or on the football pitch, I love debating politics, social issues and current affairs. Luckily I have an understanding family and group of friends, who tolerate my enthusiasm for an argument.

I’m pretty detail focused, so I’m the guy with the spreadsheet that works as some sort of a production plan for this journey that we’re on, from goals, to saving, moving out, journey plotting, budget management and finally the exciting travel part!

On the work front, I’ve spent over 10 years working on the digital side of banking and finance. I have just finished a role at KiwiSaver and Wealth Services provider. I’ve taken a non-conventional route to getting there, I skipped University after a week of lectures, and when straight into work – I’ll write a post about how that went for me.

I love the challenges presented by working with a wide range of people across the business (IT, Product, Marketing, Design) to deliver quality outcomes for customers and the business.

If you’re curious about the journey I’ve taken, feel free to check out my LinkedIn profile.

If you’d like to get in touch about work, travel or anything else drop me an email andrew@wellytotheworld.com