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The 8 queues you’ll wait in before flying in India
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The 8 queues you’ll wait in before flying in India

India is a security conscious country with millions of people flying into, out of and around its cities and towns. To ensure their safety, passengers are rigorously vetted before travel. We’ve had no trouble getting into the country, and no trouble flying between places, but we’ve noticed you’re more likely to encounter a queue than you are in NZ.

  1. Getting into the airport. Say your goodbyes outside as only people who have a flight booking for that day can enter the airport. Make sure you have photo ID and your booking information with you by the time you get to the front of the queue.
  2. Confirm your bags are good to fly. Once inside the airport, you need to locate your airlines bag scan and have your luggage checked and a sticker applied. Your luggage can’t fly without this sticker.
  3. Check-in. Just like normal, get your boarding pass, but only once you’ve provided a contact phone number, shown the international card your tickets were purchased with as well as your photo ID and visa.
  4. Go through security. Men and woman are split, but just like normal airport security you leave your hand luggage on the belt and you walk through a scanning device. For women, the scanning is done behind a curtain to ensure privacy. Your hand luggage will now get a tag to say it’s OK to fly. Don’t have this tag, don’t get into the gate lounge.
  5. Find your lounge. Prove that your bag has been checked and cleared before you are given access to the gate lounge area. Don’t lose your tag or you might still be grounded.
  6. Boarding call. Like every flight, get in a single file and show your boarding ticket and ID. You may be directed to a sub-gate (like Gate G-2).
  7. Gate G-2. Prove you’re about to board the right plane by showing your boarding pass again.
  8. Board your plane – you made it, just get in line and get on the plane. The staff will be able to direct you where you need to be!

Now take flight and enjoy!

Have I missed something? Tell us about your experience below.

in April 13, 2017