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7 reasons we rate Airbnb

7 reasons we rate Airbnb

Andrew and I haven’t won the lotto. It’s sad but true.  That means that in order to travel the world, we’re doing so on a modest budget. To ensure that we can still eat all the food we want to enjoy, and go all the places we want to see it means we must be considered when it comes to booking accommodation. We can’t afford a hotel every night, and I don’t think we would enjoy staying in a hotel every night! For travellers like us in the past, this has meant a trip full of backpackers dorms (of between 4 and 24 people, in my experience) or dodgy motels, but we are lucky enough to be enjoying Airbnb.

Our first Airbnb booking was back in 2014 and since then we’ve used the service just about everywhere we go, from New Zealand to the USA, India and beyond.

For those of you who haven’t heard of the service, here it is in their own words…

“Airbnb is a trusted community marketplace for people to list, discover, and book unique accommodations around the world — online or from a mobile phone or tablet.”

Here are 7 reasons we reckon Airbnb is awesome:

Meet great people (but only if you want to).

Airbnb lets you choose what type of arrangement you want. Whether you’re keen to rent an entire apartment or house to yourself, or you just want 1 room, you can choose, and work within your budget. We’ve done a bunch of things in our time, from getting a whole house to ourselves, to getting a private space on someone else’s’ property, to our favourite,  getting a room in a family home and hanging out.

Have authentic experiences.

From hints and tips about the best places to visit, to enjoying local TV or sharing a meal, get to experience your destination from the perspective of a local and get all the insider information to help you save cash or see more. Some hosts may even treat you to local cuisine, take you on a tour or give you a list of their favourite places to check out and how to get there.

Stay outside the ‘tourist hub’.

Often hotels are all based in one part of a city, and the surrounding area can be a real tourist trap. By living with the locals you get to experience the ‘real’ destination that you’re visiting, not just the glammed up tourist areas.

Enjoy your home away from home.

Hotels have their up-sides, for sure. Fresh plush linens, onsite restaurants and a concierge, but they don’t usually offer you the ability to cook in your own kitchen or do your laundry free of charge in the way Airbnb rentals do. If this is what you’re after on your next trip, make sure your host offers these amenities by reading their listing.

Genuine feedback loop.

Unlike some sites, reviews on Airbnb are only made by people who have paid to stay at the host’s place. That means there are no fake reviews, just the experiences of other people like you and me. They’re super handy in letting you know about the great, or not so great stuff to do with the property. It’s not just hosts that are rated either, guests are rated too, which means everyone can feel comfortable.

A perfect example of a sharing economy.

Like Uber, Fiverr and a whole raft of other companies, airbnb lets hosts make some money off their spare space. Meaning we get a place to rest our heads and they get some cash in the pocket for letting us do so.

Easy on the pocket.

Airbnb lets you filter by price, so you know your costs upfront, and everything is paid for through the site, so there is no worry about handing over cash, changing rates or chasing people up. Just book online, pay using your credit or debit card and you’re away.

You can try it out…

If you’re keen to have a go on airbnb, you’ll find its available in over 30 countries, so book your tickets (or at least a couple days off) and get travelling. By using this link, you’ll get a discount on your first booking, and we’ll get some credit for ours, then you can tell us all about your trip.

in April 19, 2017