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3 reasons we’ll never travel without packing cells

Ahh, the joys of packing. Whether it’s for a weekend away or a year-long trip, trying to get everything into a small space can prove challenging even for the lightest traveler.

After a skeptical start to our journey, we’ve become total converts to packing cells, and probably won’t ever travel without them again. Here are 3 benefits:

Packing by Tetris

Packing cells are usually squares, rectangles or cylinders. They’re made of a light, water-resistant fabric, and have a zip or drawstring close. They help to organise your items and make them easier to find in your backpack or suitcase. Organised stuff makes packing a breeze.  You pretty quickly get to know which cell goes where. It’s taken our packing time down to a matter of minutes, rather than hours which is great when we’re on the move once a week.

Keep track of all your stuff

You’ll find packing cells in a whole bunch of sizes and you can pick up sets that include a combination of options from online sellers and local retailers. Sets are useful as you can fill a big one with your clothes, a smaller one with your underwear and socks and another with all the gear you need for your phone, camera, and go-pro before you pack them all in your luggage.

We recommend a multi-coloured set. That way you know your clothes are in blue cells, and your toiletries are in green cells, for example. It will make it even easier to ensure you’re grabbing for the right cell when you’re looking for something, especially in the dark! I have a black cell for day to day clothes, an orange one for special occasion clothes, a pink one for my delicates and a blue one for my toiletries.

Know your limits

Once your cells are full, don’t buy anything else. Or, if you do, get rid of something you were already carrying of equal space. This will stop that ‘sitting on the suitcase begging the zipper to just close’ scenario, and might even save you a few bucks, both at the markets and at the airport, as it should help keep your luggage underweight.

in April 21, 2017